Essential Cycling Gear

Essential Cycling Gear

Do you wish to go cycling? You still not sure if you are well equipped for that road cycling event? Worry not. With some little cycling gear knowledge, you will be good to go. Cycling has proven to be a modern way of life as much as it is fun and a good exercise. Before you go for that bicycle ride, here are some essentials you need to have.

Helmet & Bike

You need to have a bike and a helmet to make cycling possible. The helmet is a very vital asset in this because it ensures your head cannot get injured in case of an accident.

The cycling gear

When you are going for that cycling event, there is some things that you must carry. These can be classified as personal gear and bicycle gear. You might be wondering what the personal stuff is needed. Don’t you have to stay safe, strong and healthy while on the ride? Of course, you do. The personal gear ensures that you do.

1. Personal gear

The things that you will need for personal care include; water, sunscreen, first aid kit, snacks, eye protection and medical care.

Water– water is vital to cool off your thirst while on the road and ensure you are hydrated.

Sunscreen– if you’re cycling takes place in sunny areas, then this will ensure that your skin remains protected from sunburn.

First-aid kit– in case you injured while on the ride, you should be able to take care of yourself quickly since you might be in a remote area all alone.

Snacks– with snacks your energy levels are all in check and you can ride along the way before you get a meal.

Eye protection and medical care. You will need eye protection like sunglasses and a medical card in case you need excellent medical attention to call for help.

2. Bicycle gear

You will need some things to help you take care of the bike in case of physical damage or break down.

Pump– if the bicycle needs some more air, you can pump some.

Tire levers– when tires have issues, you will use them.

Spare tubes– this will help you in case you get a burst tube.

With all these gears in check, you have only to get yourself comfortable for that cycling. You will need to wear padded tights, wicking top, some gloves, a watch, have a cell phone, some cash, and a map. All these will ensure a smooth bicycle ride to and fro.

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